i love chanel polish. the top colors are gorgeous, but this new one for fall 2010 is a real stunner. it looks like an aurora, who thought you could put the sky on your nails? ill have to get this and test it out, hopefully its even better on your nails then in the glass.

i hate summer. the heat is always too much for me and i lust over images of snow. the fashion in the summer is not my favorite either, i am one for layering. Becka Diamond may have opened my mind a bit through this picture however. A big beautiful beige fur coat over black cut offs.. i think this is very good. i still hate summer though
i am a jewelry fanatic
always searching for my next gem
rings are something i will never get over, the bigger the better, the smaller and dainty will also do
alexa chung has some great hands
what is going on with her career these days
is she getting another show?
leopard always seems to draw people in
i am no exception
this coat, a trench, would look uncomfortable if beige. too much juxtaposition for me
but this is not the case
the fierce leopard pattern and furry fabric leave the girl looking amazing
this is what leopard can do
obviously not her best photograph
but those hands make up for her drunken expression
she wears so many different rings that it would be expected
to look like crap
however MK has a gift and can wear basically any of her gorgeous rings together
and make her hands look stunning
if thats possible..

lulu is so effortless it makes me happy
i especially love her rings, which are not shown in this look very well
however you can get a glimpse of them at her blog
i also really enjoy this henley from Kain, im debating ordering it or not
its really cute though and it would definitely go with alot
this girl has the most magnificent array of jewelry
many of her pieces have different styles to them
yet she makes them all work together flawlessly
and she has a ton of Pamela Love jewelry
which makes me want to rob her house
amazing bag by luxirare
again, her craftsmanship is unbelievable
big shirts, messy hair, and smudged makeup
that is obviously not a new look
however i do think it will never go out of style
and since the summer months are upon us, i believe that look is the only way
to survive
does anyone know where to find stuff like shown above?
that is stunning, i came across it on facebook and almost shat my pantaloons

crochet is so cool
it always looks good and can basically go with anything or anyone

im loving the "anything" this "anyone" paired her crochet with
why would someone be looking away from such a cute shirt and slamming body?
because i am the only one who would think of such a dumb thing like that
big sexy shabby tatty gorgeous loose tempting knit sweater
-stop obsessing over jewelry-
such cute ditsy florals, and the shirt looks as if it could be nice
oh what am i saying, this is a close-up of a beautifully arranged hand
i cant ignore my fetish any longer
gregory alexander has awesome DIY shoes
and he has every right to brag about them
the olsens at their most scrumptious
i want to eat their hair and hope it has magical powers
that turns my hair into their magnificent manes
her pale sticks look excellent in her skimpy leather shorts
stam's eye makeup is so beautiful
i dont know what the inspiration was but it reminds me of a natural look on steroids
which i guess doesnt make it natural anymore
rosary is so intriguing
it is rather funny that something of such religious importance is now worn by so many
just for a fashion statement
while i am not of the christian faith i always lust after rosary
i lean towards ones without crosses though
just so i dont get any priests on my bad side
yet another pair of fabulous black boots that i am jealous of
thrift stores usually suffice in the black boot department for me
however lately there stock has been diminishing
probably due to the upcoming sunny days